Got to Play a Real Game

Well, I am way behind on the League reports. I have 3 that I haven’t managed to get written up, but today isn’t gonna be it either. Today, I am too stoked. I got to play a tabletop game for the first time in a long while. Having the opportunity, I packed all of the abyssals into a travel case, and headed on down to the Fairbanks Comic Shop. The report is below. I am hoping for more opportunities in the new future, and playing in a public area, hopefully we’ll finally be able to generate some more local interest.

Abyss Vs the Orcs – Push


The UB League

Eliot Morrish has taken it upon himself to manage a new league for Universal Battle Players. We have 15 players enrolled in this league, and it is scheduled to go on for some time. That said, I jumped on the opportunity. The first week of the league, Eliot assigned opponents. We’re not sure at this point if that will continue, but the league is scheduled to continue until each player plays all 14 other players. That said my first game was assigned against Lord Avondale, and the report is below. Each battle I play will be recorded here, win or lose, for posterity, and other players in the league are invited to submit their reports for publishing if they like. Submissions need to include a write up and screen caps, sent to

A word on the photos being used. My regular computer just recently died, so I am using an older, less powerful one in the interim until I can get a new one. The computer I used for the first game did not have a screen cap tool, so the pics for the game were taken of the screen with my phone. Sorry for the lower quality.


Abyss Vs Brotherhood – Round 1 – Push

Game 2 – Abyss Vs Herd – Dominate

Game 3 – Abyss Vs Night Stalkers – Ransack

Game 4 – Abyss Vs Kingdoms of Men – Control

New Army for a New Fiscal Year

OK, I’m done with the Abyssal army as far as table top. 3000 points of finished army makes me happy, but now I’m gonna start on something different. I’ve decided to dedicate some time to my poor and abused herd. I say this, since when I finally dug them all out of storage, I discovered chipped paint and scratches galore on my metal beast men. (Metal is a lot of this army. In fact, only the spirit walkers/warriors/spearmen are plastic. The centaurs are as well, since I built them from other parts and pieces. I’ve recently completed my first chimera, and ordered some appropriate lycans.

Herd Vs Salamanders – Pillage – 8 Oct 17

The Edge of the Abyss is Upon us.

For those who follow Kings of War, (No reason to be reading this blog if you don’t) the global campaign is upon us. Obviously, being an Abyss player, I’m happy about this. Today, 25 August 2017, also marks another great event: today, I put the last brush strokes on my Abyssal Army. It is now fully painted, and 3000 points strong. Everything in the army is Mantic with the exception of my 3 big monsters: Sophie the Arch Fiend, the Lord of Lies, and Chroneas. To be fair, 2 of the 3 don’t even have official models, so I don’t feel bad about using them at all. So please read on below. I’ll open up with 2 campaign Batreps, and photos of the whole army.


Abyss Vs the Brotherhood – Kill – 24 August 17

Abyss Vs Salamanders – Invade – 25 August 17

The Grand Army of the Abyss



Wizards and Demons!

I’ve actually been doing a significant (for me) amount of painting lately. One of the things that really get me going are deadlines. The monthly Painting Oath challenge found on the Mantic Madness Facebook group gives me a deadline each month to get things going. My ultimate goal is to finish up 2500 points of Abyss, then paint up my Walking Dead, All Out War set. My Dungeon Saga set is almost completely finished now, and I do have a completely painted Mars Attacks game and 5 strike forces for Deadzone. My next purchases are going to be Abyssal Horsemen (so I can replace my Juan Diaz Mounted Daemonettes,) and the Larger Operation Heracles Warpath starter set.

If you look at the Abyssals I have done so far, you’ll notice I have done the regular forces dark, and with glowing yellow eyes. I will leave Sophie, the Lord of Lies and Chroneas brighter in color (for now) but I want the masses to look like true demons crawling out of the Abyss. If any of you have ever watched the old Ralph Bakshi movie “Wizards” you can start to see where my inspiration comes from. The animation for the demons summoned to fight for Blackwolf was darkened paint applied directly to live action film footage (he used the same technique for the original Lord of the Rings movie) and then he gave them large, glowing eyes. The leaders of Blackwolf’s army were cleaner and brighter in color.

Hobby Stuff:

My June Painting Results

Some army pics

Newest Batreps:

Abyss Vs Brotherhood

Abyss Vs Goblins

Abyss Vs Night Stalkers

The Art of War According to Briohmar:

Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V

Chapter VI

Been Busy With Life

Ever have one of those times when life just kicks you in the ass so much that you have to stay down and recover a bit? Yeah, that’s how most of February and March has been for me. I haven’t had a chance to write many batreps, and have only managed one or two games each weekend. But there has been an outcry on both Facebook and now the forums for thoughts on deployment, so I figured I better go ahead and post up chapter Vi- The Art of Deployment. I’m not completely happy with it, so I think I’m going to need at least a 7th chapter, maybe something to bring it all together. Here it is though:

Batrep: Abyss Vs Goblins 26 May 17

Finally Some Model Pics

Batreps for May ’17

Tactics for Kings of War – Chapter VI

Happy New Year

So, I haven’t done anything in a while, but here we have some new content. Also, three years ago, I started writing a series of tactics articles that were published in the IronWatch Magazine editions 20, 23, and 24. (actually it was re-writing something I had done much earlier for WHFB 7th ed. but that was mostly lost because of where it was published, and my failure to archive a copy.) I have decided to add those original articles here as well. Plus, I have finally started work on some follow on chapters to those original 3. Chapters IV and V are now up, plus some new reports.

January 2017 Batreps

Tactics for Kings of War Chapter I

Tactics for Kings of War Chapter II

Tactics for Kings of War Chapter III

Tactics for Kings of War Chapter IV

Tactics for Kings of War Chapter V